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Welcome to Texas Premier Medical Transport, your trusted partner in non-emergency medical transportation services. We’re more than just a transportation company; we’re a local, family-owned business deeply rooted in the heart of Katy, Texas.

Our Founder’s Dedication

Our journey began with a passionate first responder paramedic, boasting over a decade of experience in saving lives throughout the Katy and Houston areas. His dedication extended beyond the call of duty as he imparted his life-saving expertise to countless students, nurturing the next generation of emergency responders. His commitment to making our community safer and healthier inspired the inception of Texas Premier Medical Transport.

A Solution to Daily Challenges

Our founder, a compassionate advocate for seniors and individuals with disabilities, observed the daily struggles faced by our community members. Simple tasks, such as attending doctor’s appointments, church services, shopping trips, and other essential events, had transformed into formidable obstacles. Recognizing the need for reliable, caring, and accessible transportation, we embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between medical care and the comfort of reaching one’s destination with ease.

Serving All Our Community

We understand that our services extend beyond seniors and individuals with disabilities. We recognize that many individuals, regardless of their age or physical condition, often require assistance with non-emergency transportation. This includes the vital need for safe and dependable transport to and from day surgery, ensuring that everyone in our community can access essential medical care seamlessly.

Our Commitment

At Texas Premier Medical Transport, we are committed to providing more than just rides; we offer peace of mind. Our team is dedicated to delivering a level of service that prioritizes your comfort, safety, and well-being. Whether you are a senior citizen, a person living with disabilities, or simply someone in need of reliable transportation, we are here to serve you.

Join us in making everyday tasks more manageable and life’s essential journeys accessible to all. Texas Premier Medical Transport – where compassionate care meets dependable transportation.

Ready to experience hassle-free medical transportation?